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10 November 2012



hye peeps! im so sorry because i was too busy till i cannot update my blogs for such a longggg period. how are you? i just want to say hye and i would like to confess to all of you and me myself that i really miss the moment when i have free times. the moment when i can write on my blog, blogwalk and jump from 1 blog to another blog to read their pieces of mind. it is really true when people says that 
"we do not remember the days, but we remember moments" =)

NOW, i have to sacrifice a little bit. to gain happiness, i have to climb the ladder and stairs hardly to succeed and achieve my goal. BUT, eternal happiness come from HIS blessings. so, bear in our mind that, whatever we do in our life,  Allah is the ONE that we should to be think of.

till then, have a nice weekend and good night!=)

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