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24 November 2009


Dear ciNta mEntarI & kAsiH pElanGi...

sorry 4 ignoring u all...
sumtimes, i can't share it with you..
but, pliz belive dat..u're always in my heart, my mind..
we're frens rite???

oliday is coming..
i juz want to be with my family..
same to u..

hepy holiday my frens, although it's juz for 3 days..
being with family is the happiest moment in my life...
don't forget to came back to IIum naa...

love & care...SayAng salju...

05 November 2009

cuppycakes frenship...=)

u'r my hunny bunny sugar plump,
pumpy pumpy pumpkins,
u'r my sweety pie,
u'r my cuppycake gumdrop,
shinogum shinogum ur,
d apple of my eye,
n i love so,
n i want u 2 know,
dat im always be rite here,
n i love to sing this song 2 u,
bcoz u r so DEAR..... =)

Lunch hour...

we planned to lunch together.. the sweet thing is, we planned to have same menu 4 our lunch.. however, life is not always as a bed of roses.. not also as easy as ABC.. the food that we desired was finished... we were late.. so sad... :( no matter what, we are always being together..

gOOd oR baD..

believe or not,, almost two days my lecturer didn't enter the class..
am i happy for that? not really for today, but i can hang my clothes, settle my assignment
and sleep...isn't that great? having a lot of free times.. but actually it was difficult for me to study when there's no class..
I'll keep online, writing blog like this, send email..
are those things wasting my times???

by: SaYaNg sALju...

04 November 2009

Hey Ladies...

Being a woman is wonderful, but the path of being a woman is hard...

However, we must proud of our title..


sudah ku bilang jangan terlalu yakin
mulut lelaki banyak juga tak jujur
bila sakit hati wanita bisanya nangis
sudah ku bilang jangan terlalu cinta
kalau patah hati siapa mau nolong
seperti langit dan matahari tak bersatu lagi
hey ladies jangan mau dibilang lemah
kita juga bisa menipu dan menduakan
bila wanita sudah beraksi dunia hancur
hey ladies sekarang cinta pakai otak
jangan mahu rugi hati juga rugi waktu
bila dia merayumu ingat semua bohong
memanglah tak semua laki2 busuk
namun ladies tetaplah harus waspada
semogalah kita mendapatkan cinta yang tulus

19 September 2009

in the name of Allah.. the most gracious, the most merciful...

salam all..

this is my first and foremost having a blog..

lets check it out dude!!

may Allah bless us..