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10 November 2012



hye peeps! im so sorry because i was too busy till i cannot update my blogs for such a longggg period. how are you? i just want to say hye and i would like to confess to all of you and me myself that i really miss the moment when i have free times. the moment when i can write on my blog, blogwalk and jump from 1 blog to another blog to read their pieces of mind. it is really true when people says that 
"we do not remember the days, but we remember moments" =)

NOW, i have to sacrifice a little bit. to gain happiness, i have to climb the ladder and stairs hardly to succeed and achieve my goal. BUT, eternal happiness come from HIS blessings. so, bear in our mind that, whatever we do in our life,  Allah is the ONE that we should to be think of.

till then, have a nice weekend and good night!=)

19 May 2012

Teacher's Day??

its already 19th of may.. but, i think it is not too late for me to wish HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to ALL awesome and gorgeous teachers out there, including the one who had taught me, all lecturers, my friends and my ex-colleague. 

Ex-colleague?? yeah! my ex-colleague. if you guys still remember about my post last year, i storied about my work as a teacher at one of the primary school. teacher a.k.a cikgu sandaran.i almost forgot about this BIG DAY bcoz i was too busy lately due to tonnes of works to do! including the most unwelcome, miserable and non-stop quizzes for a week. i could sense that my marks gonna be like rolling-your-eyes-widely-when-u-see-it! 

it had been past a year i became an English teacher to YEAR 1 and YEAR 2 kids. it is still fresh in my mind about how naughty they acted! i really miss the moment i  became a teacher so much. during the teacher's day celebration, i stood up readily together with all seniors colleague singing "Kami Guru Malaysia" song. and the most memorable thing was the moment the kids gave me presents. 

i also joined the game of the-most-slowest-bicycle-cycling! it was really fun even though i lost to those seniors colleague. however, if there's any golden opportunity to be a teacher again, i would become the 1st person to grab it! 

23 February 2012

Teh Ais VS Puasa Ganti.

petang tadi, leeya baru balik dr kelas. when i passed by the cafe, someone called me.


i was stunning at that moment. AINUL MARDIAH. my besties. it has been long-long-long time ago i did not meet her. really miss you so much!! ;)

she treated me an iced-tea. so sweet of you my dear. and she gave me a sweet little pinky keychain ;)

i drank the iced tea happily.. dah lame tak dapat free refreshment camni.. hehe.

then, kitorang berpisah. bcoz i had to accompany my beloved roomate untuk hanta our friend to the bus station. when i got into the car, i screamed like i was seeing a ghost in front of me. i made my roomate shocked which can nearly made our car went into the drain. wanna y?

i dah hirup banyak kali giler teh ais yg sgt sedap tuuu. rupe2nye, baru lah leeya sedar yang leeya puasa lah hari ni. puasa ganti pulak tuu. ops! tak habis ganti lagi! Rezeki Allah kot ni. seriusly, xpenah lagi dalam riwayat hidup leeya terlupe puasa sampai mcm tu skali.. hope Allah ampunkan dosa2 leeya and terima puasa leeya hari nie ;(

01 February 2012

Hot Ticket!


it was fun! leeya terjumpe hot ticket yang telah digunakan oleh my brother. he left it.when i turned it back, OMG! dapat discount worth RM5 to buy large pizza. hoooreyyyy! FYI, my brother doesnt like pizza so much. he is kinda truly-and-typical-malay-man! eventhough my mother buat bihun sup ke laksa ke, he will always ask my mom, "nasik ade tak?" erm.

so, yesterday, without asking my brother, i went to pizza hut together with my parents to take away the large pizza with discount! ehe. it was my first time getting the hot ticket with ticket. sorry to say, i am a celcom user.

RM 27.35 - RM5 = RM 22.35 

and of course, i chose my most favourite ever pizza, ROYAL MASALA maaa! ;)

29 January 2012

The Kids

morning semuaaaaa.. and hepy Sunday! so apa plan hari nie? pegi jalan2? kuar shoping? or pergi kenduri?
o yeaaa! bercakap pasal kenduri! semalam leeya ikot ayah leeya pegi kenduri kat umah sedare mak leeya.. mak leeya tak dapat ikot sebab beliau tak berape sihat. pray for her okay?

leeya yang kuat makan terpakse blakon manjadi sopan santun time makan kat kenduri semlam sebab terserempak dengan anak murid leeya! anak murid? sejak bile pulak leeya jadi cikgu nih. hehe. ade, dalam entry yg lepas2 leeya dah citer PENGALAMAN MENJADI CIKGU sementara nak masuk degree.. kan cuti sangat panjang taun lepas (2011) ? dari bulan may sampai lah bulan september..

mereka keep memandang2 leeya membuatkan leeya rase seperti diva sekejap. Ouch! stop dreaming, leeya! ngeeeee~~~ lepas tue, leeya pon jumpe lah sdare mara, salam bersalaman. jumpe lagi anak murid leeya yang lain. diorang tego leeya, 'TEACHER!!!" and salam dengan leeya. leeya rase sangat sangat sangat terharuuuu..diorang still ingat leeya. FYI, sangat best pengalaman menjadi cikgu.. :D

to all the kids a.k.a my students-teacher wish you best of luck in your future undertakings! ;)

p/s: really miss that moment so much!!!! T_T

27 January 2012

Hello 2012

hye hye sumer..!!! OMG.. is it too late for me to wish hepy new year?? hehe.. it's the end of january already.. im so so so sooryyyy peeps.. i was super duper busy like crazy.. till make it me unable to manage myself anymore.. haha.. scary kan?? apeee kau merepek sorang2 ni leeya? g makang kerepek lah.. huhu.

ok. my wishlist for this year! ape ek..
1. camera DSLR.
2. trip to KOREA.
3. 4 flat. JAZZ.

perghhhhhhh!! wishlist dasyat glerrr.. kamoooo masih student leeya. xpyhla nak berangan nak benda yg hebat2 mcm tuh.. shoot for the moon aim for the stars.. x salah kalau nak mengimpikan mcm tuh.. kalau x dapat tunaikan sumer.. 1 or 2 pon dah dikira bersyukur.. yg xboleh capai, kite bawak lah kiter taon depan yer.. =p

FYI, leeya tengah cuti sem nih. 3 weeks je. sangat sekejap okay. bile kat U, mcm xsempat jek nak storyyy moreyyyy dengan u ollss. bz lah. d tambah pula dengan wifi yang sangat sangat sangat SLOW. okay sumer, take care! ;)