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01 February 2012

Hot Ticket!


it was fun! leeya terjumpe hot ticket yang telah digunakan oleh my brother. he left it.when i turned it back, OMG! dapat discount worth RM5 to buy large pizza. hoooreyyyy! FYI, my brother doesnt like pizza so much. he is kinda truly-and-typical-malay-man! eventhough my mother buat bihun sup ke laksa ke, he will always ask my mom, "nasik ade tak?" erm.

so, yesterday, without asking my brother, i went to pizza hut together with my parents to take away the large pizza with discount! ehe. it was my first time getting the hot ticket with ticket. sorry to say, i am a celcom user.

RM 27.35 - RM5 = RM 22.35 

and of course, i chose my most favourite ever pizza, ROYAL MASALA maaa! ;)


  1. Adik akak ada banyak hot ticket ni..lepas nih leh kecek dia..hahaha

  2. wahhh.. yeke kak.. kasi lah leeya sket hot ticket nye!! hehe