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19 May 2012

Teacher's Day??

its already 19th of may.. but, i think it is not too late for me to wish HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to ALL awesome and gorgeous teachers out there, including the one who had taught me, all lecturers, my friends and my ex-colleague. 

Ex-colleague?? yeah! my ex-colleague. if you guys still remember about my post last year, i storied about my work as a teacher at one of the primary school. teacher a.k.a cikgu sandaran.i almost forgot about this BIG DAY bcoz i was too busy lately due to tonnes of works to do! including the most unwelcome, miserable and non-stop quizzes for a week. i could sense that my marks gonna be like rolling-your-eyes-widely-when-u-see-it! 

it had been past a year i became an English teacher to YEAR 1 and YEAR 2 kids. it is still fresh in my mind about how naughty they acted! i really miss the moment i  became a teacher so much. during the teacher's day celebration, i stood up readily together with all seniors colleague singing "Kami Guru Malaysia" song. and the most memorable thing was the moment the kids gave me presents. 

i also joined the game of the-most-slowest-bicycle-cycling! it was really fun even though i lost to those seniors colleague. however, if there's any golden opportunity to be a teacher again, i would become the 1st person to grab it! 

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