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18 February 2010

3 days 2 go...

it seems like donkeys' years when we las wrote at this blog.. huhu

2day is our last 2nd paper for sem 2.. fuh!! chemistry. T_T so sad.. the paper was damn hard.. tawakal je la kat Allah..

got another 1 more dis sunday. the best 4 da last!! chaiyuk2.. then, we can go back home hepily for ever n after.. hua3..

just 3 weeks ja kowt holiidays.. next, got sem 3 plak.. hope, it gonna be more relax.. dis sem??? huh.. kinda bare able to btreathe je.. dats y la xbkesempatan nk tulis kat blog ni.. huhu

really mis home n family.. neway, bsabar itu sparuh drpd iman.. =(

p/s: "similarities create frenship while diferences hold US together.." =)

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