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06 December 2010

100th Follower

ok... this my 1st tyme giving award.. this award specially for my 100th follower.. she is..

tanx dear cutie for being my 100th follower..
here are some questions that u must answer along with this award..
1) blekah tarikh blog anda dtubuhkan?
2) bsempena dgn maal hjrah ni, apekah azam anda?
3) ucapan utk pemberi award ini..
4) make an entry @ your blog about this award ok! =)

this award is special only for you.. tanx to other followers jgak yg sudi follow blog leeya.. so dharapkan, rmai lg la blogger2 yg len sudi follow leeya yek pas ni..
anyway, to ALL my followers, i really apreciate u guyz coz always giv me support by following, commenting and chit-chatting @ this blog.. tanx a lot.. keep on ur support ya coz this will make have ideas to write n share stories with you all..



  1. hahahah...u spelled me farra
    btw thnx a lot dear..really appreciated it..
    waa...there's lots of question :)

    1)blog sy tuw 4 ur info sy br jew buat 2 hari yg lpas..ngeh3

    2)azam??2 get better result 4 next sem kot..coz br pas tgok result kul 5 td..hampeh tol result..tula exam wat cikai2 je kn..pdan muke sy sdri..

    3)ucapan untuk kamukah atau untuk sayakah??hihihi
    nk ckp cmni blh x (lihatlah dunia)
    wawawawa..thnx so much

    4)orait dear..of coz i'll make it as an entry

  2. omg...sory ye cik farra.. dah.. i dah btulkan dah.. hehe.. sory sgt2..
    yep2! struggle harder kay for ur next sem.. best of luck dear..
    do keep in touch okay! =)