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30 November 2010

Award from MISS SHA

tanx MISS SHA for giving me this award.. this is my 2nd tyme receiving an award from fren.. hehe tq2.. =)))

the questions are:
1. Dalam byk2 tempat kat dlm dunia nie, kat mnakah tmpat yg ingin anda pergi??
of coz KOREA.. to meet my kakak kat sane who is YOONA SNSD a.k.a GIRLS GENERATION.. fancy her so much!! =)

2. Apakah benda yg anda impikan dan ingin anda dapat dalam hidup anda??
CINTA dr die yg Maha Esa..

again, tq MISS SHA..


  1. your welcome!
    nice to know you :)

  2. my pleasure.. nice to know you too dear! =)